When is it the right time to appoint an elderly law attorney?

The legal issues faced by elderly people can get complicated and unique. There’s no doubt about the fact that elderly law issues can be daunting. A single wrong step can spell the difference between a disaster and a good result in case you become paralyzed or there are sudden unpredictable issues occurring in your senior life. 

It is an experienced elder law attorney who can assist you in planning for what will happen in case things get worse during your golden years. Here’s what the law firm Scott Counsel has to say about the right time to hire an elderly law attorney. 

Dying is not just the only issue

If you thought estate law and elder law are the same, you’re wrong. Though they cover the same problems, there is a stark difference between the two. Elder law will address the concerns regarding your property and finances in such a manner that he will provide the best for you as long as you’re alive. 

What is your estate? Your estate is the combination of all the assets that you leave for your loved ones after your demise. There are several options to adjust as efficiently and economically as possible to plan for the inevitable. 

Resolving complicated financial and family situations

You need to take a close look at your assets and life to check whether or not you fit into any of the below-listed situations that could impact your financial condition:

  • You own more than one business
  • You’re in a second marriage
  • You have minor children at home
  • You are the owner of real estate property in one or more states
  • You have ‘special’ children
  • You have disabled children
  • You were divorced lately
  • You wish to leave your estate to charity
  • You have recently lost a family member or a spouse
  • You have a taxable estate for state or federal estate tax purposes

What are the costs of hiring an elderly law attorney?

You may think that you can successfully save a fortune by filling out the Medicaid application forms on your own but in case you don’t qualify, later on, your family members will be in a state of shock. This is why you would need an elderly law attorney. 

Most elder law attorneys charge fees by the hour and this means that you will only pay for the time through which they speak with you. Other attorneys often offer deals that offer various services under one single fee. 

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