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What makes a High-quality rug?

The best hand-knotted carpets are known to last generations. Fine handmade carpets are often passed down as heirlooms, becoming a part of a family’s heritage. Vintage carpets with a history of 100 years or more have a large global market and have become collectible items.

So, how do high-quality hand-knotted carpets last so long? What is it about their design that makes it ‘fine’? We’ll walk you through the nuances of high-quality online rugs in India so you can make an educated decision for your home or future project.

It is handcrafted by skilled carpet weavers using traditional techniques, one knot at a time. These carpets are of the highest quality. You can walk on them because they are works of art.

The number of knots per square inch at the back of the carpet characterizes the quality of these carpets with a flatter pile. A higher-quality carpet has more knots per square inch that are closer together.

What Does It Mean When Someone Says a Rug Is “Fine” or “Good Quality”?

Here’s a look at what “fine rugs” are and how coarse and industrial carpets compare. When you begin your study into the sort of rug you want to buy, you will most likely hear the word “fine” used frequently.

Even if you go shopping for industrial carpets, the salesman will most likely use the word “fine.” This phrase has diverse meanings in the worlds of commercial carpets and hand-knotted carpets.

In the commercial carpet industry, “fine” usually refers to quality, texture, or “beauty.” It’s merely a term to make the carpet sound more enticing. When discussing a hand-knotted carpet, the term has a completely different meaning.

When someone mentions a good hand-knotted carpet, they are referring to the knot count or knot density of the online rugs in India.

The number of knots in a given unit of measurement is referred to as knot density. Many people believe that a carpet with a high knot count is inherently more valuable. While this is a good general guideline, it is not always true.ials, as well as design, all have an impact on the ultimate knot count of the carpet.

Good Quality Rug Designs compared

On average, the knot count of carpets ranges from roughly 25 to over 1,000 kpsi. Anything less than 80 kpsi is considered coarse and of “poor quality.” Knot counts ranging from 80 to 120 are generally regarded as of acceptable quality.

Those with a knot count of 120-330 kpsi are rated medium to good, while those with a knot count greater than 330 kpsi are called fine and good quality rugs. However, knot count is simply one of several factors that determine the quality of a carpet.


Fine weave carpets and rugs are a sight to behold in the world of carpets and rugs. Finer rug weaving enables the development of breathtaking detail. Fine carpets are pliable in a way that coarse weaves are not. They also allow the threads to be packed more securely, resulting in more durable carpets.

Fine carpets are a wonderful discovery since they need a lot more time and skill from the online rugs in India artisan. They distinguish themselves and have far more to offer than their high kpsi (knots per square inch) contemporaries.

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