What do I need to know about Cataract Surgery?

The eyes are one of the important 5 sense organs in the human body. An eye may appear small in size when compared to so many other organs in the body, but consists of many other smaller parts that help view things in the world.

The eyes help in seeing things clearly and sending electrical signals to the brain. The brain transcribes these signals and helps the muscles and other organs to take appropriate action. Eyes can come across many issues such as glaucoma, cataract, LASIK, etc.

A cataract operation in Mumbai can be done with ease and through some of the best hospitals and doctors. Mumbai has some of the best eye clinics that offer the best care for eye-related surgeries and procedures. These operations have quick results and can give permanent good results in most cases.

Common Eye Surgeries

There are many kinds of surgeries that are done for the eye. These surgeries are mostly to correct some issues in the eyes or to remove a part of the eye that is causing inconvenience. Some operations are to attain normal functionality of the eye. Below are some of the common eye surgeries:


LASIK is a surgical operation that helps in vision correction. It helps in getting rid of vision challenges and can help patients to get rid of the specs or contact lenses that they use. LASIK uses laser technology to slice off a small section of the cornea to reduce the focal length of the cornea and hence improves the eyesight in patients.

2. Cataract Surgery

A cataract is a fairly common surgery that is done in eye clinics. Cataract operation in Mumbai is very advanced and is done by some expert surgeons. Cataract surgery is done to remove the white layer that forms on the cornea. The white skin-like formation is carefully disintegrated by a machine through a small incision.

The skin is then removed and fitted with an artificial lens. The surgery only takes a few minutes and recovery is also pretty quick in most cases. A cataract happens to people due to age and affects most old age men and women.

3. Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma is a condition where the eye experiences excessive pressure and therefore needs to be operated upon to relieve the pressure manually. The pressure can be quite painful and can cause difficulty in opening the eye and even seeing properly.

Glaucoma surgeries include the insertion of a device to remove pressure manually. Medicines and drops are to be used by the patient for an extensive period of time to help maintain the health of the eye and to control the situation.

Cataract Recovery

Cataract Operation in Mumbai is routinely done in many of the specialty eye clinics and hospitals. An eye specialist in Mumbai prefers doing these surgeries back to back for both eyes so that the patient can recover soon and regain their eyesight soon enough.

Cataract surgeries are done within half an hour and the patient stays in recovery and observation for the next couple of hours. The patient can return back home with a special eye patch or eye gear that protects the eye from infection and other environmental factors such as dust and heat.

Medicines and eye drops are given to provide moisture to the eye and to prevent any dryness or irritation that may naturally happen to an operated eye.

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