What causes Allergic Reactions on Skin

Come Summer and many people suffer from allergies as a result of all the pollen in the air. Some people are extremely reactive to dust and pollen in the air and this can flare uFp their allergies. Some people tend to react to food and have food allergies on the other hand some people react to certain chemicals and components of various things such as artificial fragrances, added colors, preservatives and other such substances. Ayurveda is a trusted method to counteract allergies. There are certain medications such as ayurvedic medicine for allergy that helps people combat their allergy symptoms and reduce the flare ups and handle the reactions in a better manner.

Allergic Reactions

Allergy is a natural response of the body to stimulus found in the atmosphere. It can be air borne, food related or related to something man made or processed. There is no telling what can cause allergies to whom – it is a fight or flight for the immunity system of the body. Either the body tries to fight the stimulus by reacting to the irritant such as tearing up, redness of the skin, sneezing, coughing etc. In some cases the body may just surrender to a strong irritant in which cases the patient may have to resort to medical options such as an Epipen.

Allergies need to be taken seriously and must be evaluated with the help of a doctor. Common allergies such as dust and pollen or skin irritations are milder but food related allergies can sometimes prove to be fatal too. Ayurvedic herbs are potent enough to deal with such situations although the ayurvedic medicine for allergy is always advised by a medical professional. Allergy symptoms can significantly be reduced by the right course of medication and can prove to be extremely effective in the long run.

Causes for Skin Allergies

Skin allergies are one of the common disorders that are caused by a variety of factors. Some can be determined and eliminated but some are undeterminable and therefore cannot be managed. Below are some of the known causes of skin allergies:

1. Food

Food is one of the most common causes of skin allergy. Some foods may not be suitable to the patient and may cause a temporary flare up. Ayurvedic medicine for allergy such as Histantin Tablets can be very effective in counteracting food allergies since food based allergies are harder to determine and harder to neglect

2. Fabric

Some special kinds of fabrics can cause allergies in those who are hypersensitive. Mixed fabrics such as polyester, nylon and spandex can be common irritants. Some people are irritated by silk and raw silk. Fabric allergies can be easily managed by identifying and switching to organic cotton based clothes

3. Perfumes/Creams

Man made fragrances, preservatives and artificial fragrances can cause allergies in some people. It is better to do a small swatch test by applying such items on a small area of the body and then waiting to check for reactions. This way, if there is any irritation, it is easier to manage.

4. Water/Dust

Another common cause of allergies is untreated water or dust. Water in polluted cities can have micro content and pollutants which can be quite irritating for the skin. Dust allergies can also flare up on the skin and cause redness, irritation and other symptoms.

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Allergies must be tested out and taken care of so as to restore a healthy life. So, you must search for Ayurvedic medicine to treat allergic reactions online, and you would come across promising products that can aid your condition.

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