Step by Step Instructions to Successfully Deal With Your Upward Laminar Stream Hood

Cleaning your upward laminar stream hood should be a part of your laboratory’s housekeeping checklist. Failure to follow the cleaning instructions can result in inaccurate results and could cause safety issues. In addition, laminar flow hoods must have HEPA/ULPA filtration. This article will give you step-by-step instructions to successfully deal with your hood.

Using a wipe, disinfect the work surface and hard-to-reach areas of the hood with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Ensure that the cloth is clean, and use a new one for every surface. Always dispose of the cloth and the alcohol in a biohazard waste bin. You can also use a UV sterilizer to disinfect your upward laminar stream hood.

In order to maintain sterility levels in laboratories, cleanliness is essential. Proper cleaning and air filtration will help prevent cross-contamination. Follow the instructions below to clean your upward laminar stream hood and ensure its long-term performance. You should follow the cleaning instructions for the vertical laminar flow hood. You should start by wiping down the ceiling and the back wall of the unit. Then, proceed to clean the sides and work surface.

In Last

The next step is to disinfect the hood using a cleaning agent. You can make this simple by following the instructions on the packaging of the agent. Then, you should place the wipe on the back of the hood and use it to wipe the surface of the hood. Remember to use a fresh wipe every time you clean the lint-free swab.

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