Skin care after laser treatment

skin laser treatment Either for beauty purposes or to treat certain skin conditions. We should learn how to properly care for the skin after laser treatment. In order for the results of laser skin treatment to come out within a short time. without side effects or the least

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What is skin laser surgery?

Treatment or skin resurfacing using laser uses energy from light with a specific wavelength. Delivered to target cells on the skin that absorb light energy well. causing the destruction of specific target cells It has very little effect on other neighboring cells. This laser resurfacing is not only necessary for cosmetic purposes such as removing wrinkles, dark spots, or solving the problem of enlarged pores. It can also be used to treat certain conditions, such as minor skin tumors, warts, skin lesions, etc.

How many types of laser skin treatments are there?

There are two main types of laser treatments, namely, wound-inducing lasers. That is, the laser is done and the wound is formed. both partially wound or a wound full of the treated area and non-invasive laser

What happens to the skin during laser treatment?

When the laser light hits the skin The target cell receives light energy. and will convert the received energy into heat resulting in the destruction of that target cell after laser treatment The skin cells that need to be destroyed will be destroyed. In the case of using a laser that causes scars There will be peeling off the top layer of skin cells as well. Then the body has a process to repair the skin in that area. and the healing of the wound occurred make the skin return to normal

Why take special care of your skin after laser treatment?

Because after laser treatment The skin is more delicate than usual. easily irritated And sensitive to the environment, such as the skin will lose water. And more sensitive to sunlight, sometimes there may be a wound that causes dark circles from sunlight. or skin irritation from treatment After laser treatment, special skin care is required. It should provide more moisture to the skin. And protecting the skin from the sun is very special. Because of the wrong skin care after laser treatment. may affect wound healing or causing side effects to occur as a result

How to care for your skin after laser treatment

After laser treatments, especially those that cause scars, tend to make the skin more sensitive to light. and have dark spots from exposure to sunlight more easily Therefore, exposure to sunlight should be avoided. And should use sunscreen regularly. In some cases, the skin may be dry and tight. easily irritated Therefore, use creams that add moisture to the skin. To help the healing process of the wound occur as well.

How to choose skin care products after laser

Products applied to the skin after laser treatment should be suitable for sensitive skin. and do not cause irritation to the skin Including providing adequate moisture but not too greasy. When the skin is well moisturized So protect your skin from UV rays by using sunscreen. suitable for sensitive skin after laser treatment If you are not sure which product to use after laser treatment should consult a medical professional

Are you sure the sunscreen you use is good enough?

In sunlight, there are both UVA rays which darken the skin and UVB rays which cause sunburn. UVB rays are high between 10.00-14.00 and UVA rays are high throughout the day.

To determine if a sunscreen can protect your skin from UVB well, look at its SPF rating. A sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 or higher can provide good UVB protection and is suitable for the skin after laser treatment. As for the UVA protection of sunscreen, look at the PA value. The PA value should be at ++ to be able to protect the sun well. or has a UVA symbol indicating certification by the European Institute of COLIPA to confirm that Such sunscreens provide protection against UVA rays according to the standard UVA:UVB = 1:3 ratio. A good sunscreen should also be fairly waterproof. Including should not provoke acne.

For those who have undergone laser treatment, sunscreen should be used regularly to reduce side effects such as hyperpigmentation after laser treatment. and if choosing a sunscreen that can prevent and reduce skin irritation after laser treatment It will be even more useful in taking care of your skin.

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