Neurological Disorders and Why they Happen

The body is made of thousands of nerves that connect each body part with one another. They evolve from the spinal cord and connect every part of the body with the brian. This helps the body in identifying the various stimuli and acting accordingly, called the stimulus-response system.

This mechanism is one of the foundations for human beings as they help us in using the 5 senses of our body. Neurological disorders can disrupt this system and render the body or the body parts incapable of these functions.

Specialists at some of the best neuro hospitals in Delhi can help patients in controlling neurological disorders and managing some of their conditions. Although not all neurological disorders can be cured, with the right treatment and rehab care, it is possible to manage the disorder and recover from it in the best possible manner.

What are Neurological Disorders?

Neurological disorders affect the brain and the spinal cord and can have a severe impact on the nerves that connect the body parts. There are many kinds of neurological disorders. Some are more severe than others while some are curable, some can only be treated and managed for the lifetime.

Not all of these disorders can be prevented but a few of them can be prevented with the right lifestyle choices. Most of these diseases tend to have a severe impact on the body as they affect the nerves that lead to the brain and the spinal cord, the powerhouses of the body. Therefore most people who are affected by Neurological diseases tend to take a long time to recover.

There are no real reasons why some people are affected by neurological disorders while others are not. Most of these disorders tend to happen randomly. Some of these disorders are even congenital and can happen through infancy and early childhood as well.

Some of these disorders can be passed on due to genetic factors as well. Very few of these disorders such as Stroke can be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Even then, a few very healthy individuals may end up getting a stroke sometime.

Common Neurological Disorders

Common neurological disorders that are treated at the best neuro hospital in Delhi:

1. Epilepsy and Seizures

One of the common disorders that can affect young children and adults, epilepsy causes stiffness of the body, sudden falling, convolutions and an erratic motor function. It could lead to severe consequences if not treated immediately

2. Stroke

A common occurrence amongst middle aged and older adults, stroke can affect the heart and cut off the blood supply to the brain if not for immediate medical attention. It usually affects people who have epilepsy and heart conditions. It can cause sudden falling, collapsing, ceasing of heart functions, stiffness and breathlessness and unconsciousness in patients.

3. Encephalitis

A brain fever that affects young children and some adults, it can usually be caused in combination with other neurological disorders such as seizures and brain tumours. It can cause inflammation of the brain tissues and can be quite severe if not for medical attention.

4. Dementia

Sudden loss of memory, confusion, a state of mental absence etc can be a sign of dementia in middle aged and older adults. It is also called Regressive Cognitive Disorder.

5. Herniated Disk or Lumbar Disk Disease

Herniated Disk is caused by ageing or excessive strain on the back/spine. The tissues around the disk can get inflamed and cause severe pain and discomfort.

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