Micro-Teaching: 4 Important skills required to master it

What is Micro-Teaching?

Micro teaching is defined as a method where the teachers undertake training for a small group of students in a classroom thereby ensuring that they are provided with better attention helping in their improvement. Micro-teaching is also defined as a method of training the teachers for learning about teaching skills and employing it in a real life situation so that it provides them with a better understanding regarding the art of teaching.

It is important to highlight that the concept of micro-teaching is important as it not only helps in developing the teaching skills of the  teachers but also provides them with clarity on how to provide support to a small group of students and help in their improvement.

Through this method it becomes possible for teachers to learn about the importance of presentation as well as teach them about reinforcement so that they can effectively learn how to teach students in different situations. Moreover, it also enables teachers to be provided with the opportunity of teaching a small group of students and ensuring that attention is provided to each and every one of The students they are helping and their effective educational development.

Features of Micro-Teaching

In the given section the features of micro teaching husband established to provide clarity on the process.

  • Most important feature of micro-teaching is that it takes a significantly less amount of time having a smaller amount of teaching content present.
  • In this process only a single teaching skill is considered in a single time.
  • In this process only a small group of students are taught by the teacher.
  • Immediate feedback is provided to the trainees so that they can improve themselves and mitigate the mistakes.
  • It prepares them for conducting classes in real life.

Micro-teaching is considered to be an important part of education therefore there are several platform to sell courses online available on the internet that have been developed with the sole purpose of supporting individuals learning to become a teacher. The best platform to sell online courses involves the use of both micro teaching techniques and method teaching techniques so that students are provided with a better understanding of the difference between them and it’s repaired accordingly for real-world scenarios. 

Skills Required to master Micro-Teaching

  1. Introduction Skill: The first important skill that needs to be mastered by teachers is the ability to process the providing of a great introduction to the students before they start giving a lesson and start lecturing on a topic. Through this process it becomes possible for the Teachers to effectively engage the students and ensure that they are provided with clarity on what can be expected from them. having the ability to provide a great introduction and shows that a strong Framework is created based on which the students can build their understanding of the topic. 
  2. Explanation Skill: Another important micro teaching skill that needs to be marketed by the teachers is the ability to explain lessons. explanation is considered to be an intellectual activity that needs to be permanent teachers so that they can effectively Express ideas and animals as well as concepts and communicate to the students. Through explanation it becomes possible For the Teachers to help the students with related facts and thereby increase their understanding of the concepts.
  3. Questioning Skill: The important micro-teaching skill of questioning ensures that teachers are able to develop meaningful and relevant as well as specific questions for the students so that their understanding can be effectively tested. The ability of the teachers to question the students by providing them with clear and precise questions helps in judging the students’ understanding of the knowledge that has been provided to them over a certain period of time. It also showcases the ability of the teachers to frame questions so that they can support the learning of the students in a better manner.
  4. Stimulus Variation Skill: The ability of the teachers in microteaching to help the students remain engaged in a particular topic a lesson by bringing about changes in the teaching behavior is considered to be stimulus variation. Through this process it becomes possible for the Teachers to develop changes in the stimulus so that the maximum response can be brought forward from the class.

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