Make the Most of Summer Using Screen Doors With Magnets

This summer, make your life significantly more accessible and purchase a screen door with magnets for your home. So long as your doorway measures up to 38×82 inches, the Flux Phenom magnetic screen door will fit. Screen doors with magnets help keep the bugs and other unwanted pests out while you still enjoy the fresh, breezy outside air entering your home and feel the warm, sunny weather wisping throughout your home.

What Is the Installation Process Like for the Magnetic Screen Door?

The screen door with magnets from Flux Phenom is effortless, quick, and simple to install and uninstall. The entire installation and uninstallation process should take mere minutes. The screen doors with magnets also come with all items you need to install, including black all-metal thumbtacks and a large roll of hook and loop backing. The thumbtacks they provide when you purchase screen doors with magnets from Flux Phenom are ideal for hanging onto wooden doors, whereas the hook and loop tape is more suitable for metal and aluminum doors in your home. Further, they also include a video tutorial guide and a written instruction manual for additional help with installation.

Here, we will include a step-by-step guide on how you can install the screen doors with magnets from Flux Phenom in your home:

  1. Always ensure that you first measure the doorway you plan to use with the product. Screen doors with magnets will not appropriately work if they do not meet the size requirements adequately to fit in the doorway in the first place. The Flux Phenom screen doors with magnets will fit every door measuring up to 38×82 inches or less. Also, ensure that you measure both the width and the length beforehand to buy one that will be a suitable fit.
  2. The next step in installing screen doors with magnets in your home’s doorway is to clean the space that you plan to use it for before anything else. Specifically, ensure that you fully clean the frame of the door.
  3. Ensure you connect all the magnets in the middle seam so the screen door can close.
  4. Hold the screen door to the top of the door frame that you plan to install it on, and make sure that it sits at ¼ inch higher than the floor. A further step of hemming the material might be necessary if it hangs past the door’s frame. The thumbtacks are best for hanging wooden doors, whereas hook and loop tape is ideal for metal and aluminum doors.

What Are the Benefits of Using Screen Doors With Magnets?

Screen doors with magnets allow the door to open and close as if it were magic as you enter and exit through that doorway in your home. Further, this aspect means it is effortless, simple hands-free to get in and out of your home, as it will open seamlessly with just a simple nudge due to the magnets, which means no hands are necessary.

Flux Phenom ensures they build their screen doors with highly durable, supportive, heavy-duty mesh net closure magnets. The heavy-duty mesh has a more significant thread count than cheaper alternative screen doors. It also has entirely reinforced edges, meaning it is built for longevity and can genuinely stand the test of time in mint condition.

Several other significant benefits of the screen doors with magnets from Flux Phenom include that they are pet-friendly, excellent for kids and adults of any age, and ideal for year-round use. They can withstand weather elements at any time of the year, are safe for children to use, and even work great with doors that have built-in doggy doors. They can even be a perfect tool for potty training your dog. Specifically, it will allow your pet to let themselves inside and out whenever they need to go outside to use the bathroom without you having to move an inch or lift a finger. The magnetic aspect of the door will ensure that it closes right after them swiftly and effortlessly, as well as since the screen door itself will be able to open for your pet with just a simple nudge from them at the opening seam.

Conclusion: Why Screen Doors With Magnets Are Useful During Summer

You can truly make the most of the summertime using screen doors with magnets. By using screen doors with magnets, you gain so many incredible advantages. Other significant benefits include hands-free entry and exit from your home and easy access for pets and children that might live in your house along with you. Also, you can let air enter your home from the breezy outdoor air and let fresh air pass through, knowing that absolutely zero pesky bugs and insects will be able to enter during that time. You also can keep up the magnetic screen door year-round, no matter where you live.

They make these screen doors for longevity. So, they can seriously withhold the test of time, no matter how long it has been or what the time of year and specific weather elements are in your particular location, and so this stands in the summer. Further, this means it will seriously hold up, regardless of rain, snow, or other factors, as the product’s design already accounts for many of them.

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