Kanjivaram Sarees for Intimate Modern Weddings

Traditional ethnic wear is slowly being replaced and modern wear such as ball gowns, dresses, and other kinds of western wear are creeping into the wedding scenarios in India. This trend is prominent because of the lack of modern vision or alterations that needs to be made to the Indian ethnic clothes.

Indian traditional wear such as Sarees and Lehengas are still being considered for wedding ceremonies but their lack of modern designs is causing young couples to choose modern options.

Thankfully, new and upcoming designers have realized this shift in the trend and are introducing a modern outlook in Lehengas, Sherwanis, and wedding sarees such as Kanjivaram sarees for weddings, Banarasi sarees and Chanderi silk sarees, etc. There are many brands and designer labels that have introduced a range of exquisite wedding couture and bridal fashion options in the Indian market.

Indian Wedding Couture

There are many upcoming designers and some very popular Indian brands in the retail segment of the Indian wedding market that has been working towards bringing a modern outlook to traditional wedding attire.

Most traditional clothes have dark colors, expensive and heavy zari, and various kinds of embellishment and embroidery that make the attire look stark and attractive.

Unfortunately, the era for such fashion is bygone now and the present generation is more interested in subtlety with sophistication. These changing dynamics in fashion have led to bringing about a great deal of change in the wedding attire that is traditionally used by grooms and brides.

Modern Indian wedding attire now consists of more subtle fashion statements with lighter zari work but in pure silk such as the Mulberry silk that is used to make Kanjivaram sarees for weddings. Organza silk sarees are another popular kind of silk sarees that have beautiful ornate designs with a lightweight texture and usually with self-design.

Banarasi silk sarees are also very popular amongst North Indian brides for their beautiful colors and exquisite zari work. Kanjivaram silk sarees come in extremely intricate designs with golden zari with temple designs and with customizable zari work. All these kinds of silk can also be used to make lehengas for casual ceremonies and sherwanis for the grooms.

Chanderi Silk Sarees are known for their sheen and softness and are very popular with young couples. Although they are more on the brighter side of wedding attires, there are many brides who prefer the color options and zari work that goes with Chanderi Silk Sarees.

Other popular options are Mysore Silk Sarees more common in South India, Muga silk sarees commonly used by Assam and Bengal brides, and Paithani silk sarees around the Maharashtra region which are famous for their dual-tone finish and lightweight texture.

Kanjivaram Silk Sarees for Intimate Weddings

Kanjivaram Silk Sarees are excellent for intimate weddings because of their lightweight texture, attractive shades, beautiful sheen, and modern color options. The Kanjivaram wedding silks now come in a customizable format with plenty of options to choose lightweight zari, simple designs, floral motifs, and new shades such as pastels, single colors, and monotones.

These options have attracted many young brides to choose Kanjivaram silk sarees for their intimate weddings. Kanjivaram has a natural shine and sheen and even without much zari or with no zari work at all, pure silk sarees with self designs look extremely elegant in intimate weddings.Click here: isaimini

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