How To Choose The Right Necklace For Your Diamond Pendant?

Today, consumers prefer minimalistic jewellery designs that can serve multiple purposes simultaneously. Perhaps, it is due to these reasons that detachable diamond pendants are becoming such a roar among new brides.

A detachable diamond penchant perfectly defines an intimate yet trending jewellery statement. You can sometimes wear it as part of a necklace and as a pair of earrings at others. It lets you flaunt your jewellery collection multiple times without repeating the same piece.

Depending on the length of your necklace, you can also wear a pendant in four different ways. Keep reading this article to learn how to choose the right diamond penchant.

A Necklace and A Pendant Are Not the Same.

Many people often mistake a necklace and a pendant, given that the latter cannot exist without the former. A necklace is a single jewellery piece worn around the neck, while a pendant is a charm worn in a necklace.

To put it simply, you can wear a necklace without a pendant, but you cannot wear a pendant without a necklace. Second, necklaces are long chain like structures, while pendants are small standalone pieces.

How To Choose a Necklace for Your Pendant?

You cannot leverage your pendant charms to their potential if you get the wrong necklace to match it. The right necklace can either enhance or ruin the look of your entire neckpiece. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a necklace carefully to make the most of your versatile diamond pendant.

Moreover, you don’t need multiple necklaces to coordinate with your pendants. A single statement necklace with a universal minimal style is more than enough, even with several diamond pendants.

Here’s how to choose the right necklace for your pendant.


The length of necklaces come in choker, princess, matinee, and collar sizes. The collar is the shortest, and the Matinee the longest. Now each of these lengths has specific pros and cons associated with them.

For instance, a Matinee necklace can be styled as a long necklace with a pendant if you want to highlight your cleavage. At the same time, it can also be customised and adjusted into layers to give our neckline a more sophisticated look.

However, the same cannot be said for collar and choker necklaces. Both the lengths are short and can only be worn one way.


The style of the necklace refers to the way it has been braided to form an elongated structure. Small rings are linked together until they form a chain-like structure to create a necklace.

The style of a necklace is an essential aspect when it comes to your pendants. If the craftsmanship of the necklace is too elaborate, it will shroud the shine of the pendant. Therefore, while buying a necklace to pair with your diamond pendant, make sure that you’re taking your time to understand its style.

After all, it’s vital that the jewellery style compliments the pendant rather than veiling its charm.

Face Shape.

The final one is the face shape of the wearer. Believe it or not, your face shape plays a part in bringing your jewellery’s brilliance, and your diamond pendant is no exception.

When buying diamond jewellery, it’s wise to try on the ornament several times before deciding. Trying the pendant and necklace will allow you to discern for yourself if the articles in question are complimenting you or not.

Summing Up.

A Diamond pendant fits all three bills – unconventional bridal look, intimate heirloom piece and a spiritual touch. They are the perfect contemporary twist to your traditional designs and customs.

You can also make a mystical statement by adjusting your birthstone in your pendant. After all, your birthstones are fabulous to get you more customary ‘aahs’ and ‘oohs’ during your nuptial celebrations.

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