How Infliflex became an AWS Partner

Infliflex is one such SaaS that automates the whole software delivery process, from cloud infrastructure setup through Kubernetes services and app delivery. The solution is entirely built on AWS, and users must have an AWS account in order to develop infrastructure with it.

When MVP was done and products went live, Infliflex set out to join the AWS partner India Network (APN).

The Amazon Partner Network (APN) is a global partner program comprised of technology and consulting firms that use AWS to construct their products.

This network’s purpose is to assist you in developing, marketing, and selling your AWS-based product by providing ongoing business, technical, and marketing assistance. APN Partner solutions are used by over 90% of Fortune 500 enterprises, indicating that one is always on the right road.

Many standards must be met in order to become an AWS partner in India. Infliflex is presently implementing the choose tier concept.

Choose Tier Requirements

  • A yearly charge. To join the APN, you must pay a $2,500 yearly fee, which is refunded in the form of $3,500 in AWS Credits.
  • Your product should be on the market. You’re okay to start if you have at least one product offered to clients. When Infliflex applied to the program, the product had already been accessible for a few months and had numerous paying customers.
  • Signing an NDA is a regular obligation.
  • Certification by AWS Certification In Atlanta. At least one team member must have an AWS technical qualification to be a part of the AWS Partner Network. The CTO was the first to receive certification.
  • At least one publicly available customer reference. Infliflex created a case study in which it explained how the solution benefitted the customer and why they chose AWS specifically for that customer.
  • Customer satisfaction rating “Rate this Partner” is an option on the APN Partner Solution Finder. They had to collect at least five customer replies describing how they felt about the product. Tip: A client can be any individual who utilizes the program; it does not have to be a business.
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Why did Infliflex wish to work with AWS?

As a startup, it saw several potential advantages to joining the APN.

  • Technical and business advice. When Infliflex requires commercial or technical assistance, AWS representatives are always available. They provide several resources, such as the SaaS Factory program, that can assist in taking a firm to the next level.
  • New marketing outlets have emerged. The network provides additional marketing avenues via which Infliflex may advertise goods, such as the AWS Marketplace.
  • Increased credibility. AWS provides several accreditations that might help establish ourselves as industry specialists. Furthermore, before it became an AWS partner in India, AWS officials tested and rated the solution. This signifies that AWS feels that the solution can satisfy the needs of customers.
  • Improved products and services. AWS’s assistance allows to improve goods and services. Infliflex feels this qualifies AWS as a dependable vendor that provides a full solution to its clients. They can continually try to improve client experience thanks to the constantly developing technology provided by AWS.
  • More hyperlinks. The network helps to get visibility and make contact with a number of AWS professionals who can assist in improving.

Most importantly, the clients now have AWS partner India’s total assistance in the form of AWS credits and knowledge to experiment with new solutions.

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