Get Her to Say Yes by Choosing the Best Engagement Ring

Are you thinking of popping the question? It is time to start ring shopping. Purchasing engagement rings and getting ready for the proposal can be a nerve-racking time. You might get caught up in the romance but bear in mind that an engagement ring is a significant expense, so you really want to make sure you purchase something right.

Regardless if you are scouting rings together or are shopping solo, this article is your key to finding the perfect engagement ring.

Consider the shape you want

If you already know what your significant other wants in terms of the shape of the diamond, it will help in your hunt. The shape, otherwise known as the cut, is priced differently, and each will have a different price per carat. Round cuts are more expensive. In contrast, pear and marquise shapes are more affordable.

If the size is an important factor, you can get a higher carat at a good price when you opt for a different shape to the round. Before heading to the shops for an engagement ring, research on ring cuts and have one or two choices in mind.

Choose the metal of the band

Engagement rings and wedding bands are typically made from gold, silver, or platinum. But in recent years, rose gold is becoming a rising star as a fresh and modern option. Although platinum may be similar to silver, platinum is way more expensive since it has a greater density and is rarer. You must also factor in that certain metals get dented easier than others. So, you must consider the receiver’s lifestyle and your budget before deciding how important the metal is in the final decision.

Note: You may also want to think about the stones to be set on the band as well.

Carat size

When it comes to engagement rings, the debate on quality or quantity applies. Some people have a preference for a larger stone than a clearer stone. In contrast, others are searching for the absolute and whitest possible diamond despite the carat count. Although people may say size is unimportant, it is the kickoff point. You can compromise on the colour and clarity to find a piece within your budget.

Accurate measurements

Make sure you get the measurement of the receiver. You don’t want a ring that will cut off the circulation of your significant other’s finger, or even worse, so loose it might fall off. The ring must sit snugly and comfortably.

If you are shopping for an engagement alone, you can get the size at a general store on your own and casually mention it the next time the topic comes up with her.

Consider how the engagement ring will match your wedding band

While you might get caught up shopping for the perfect diamond, bear in mind that the engagement ring is, in fact, only half of the equation. The real symbol of your marriage is your wedding band. Consider what wedding band style goes well with your ring. Some engagement rings do not allow a wedding band to fit against them, so it is critical to consider details such as the prong, pave, and channel set stones before committing to an engagement ring design. Here is the best website alltimesmagazine where you can get the latest and breaking news. 

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