Foods to eat after surgery to help heal wounds

Not just nose surgery or to have surgery on any part but If there is surgery, then there will be wounds. It is important to take care of the surgical wound according to your doctor’s advice. But another equally important issue is the matter of food choices. Many times we hear the term food slang. This means foods that should not be eaten after surgery or after a wound. It is believed to cause inflammation and scarring. Even though it’s not a slang food. But there are foods that should be avoided after the surgery. Foods that should be avoided are seafood, pickled food, papaya salad with crab, papaya salad with pickled fish, and alcoholic beverages. Soft drinks and ready meals because it is high in sodium It can cause swelling and inflammation.

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But in addition to the foods that should not be eaten after the surgery, there are also foods that should be eaten after the surgery. In order to help reduce our bruising and swelling quickly. It will also help our wounds heal faster with it. The foods that should be eaten after surgery are as follows:

5 foods to eat after surgery

1. Coconut water

Coconut water can help reduce swelling and reduce inflammation here. It also helps to dry the wound faster as well. Because coconut water will help drive waste out of the body. This makes the surgical wound heal faster. And coconut water can also help stimulate the production of collagen under the skin as well. Make your skin look healthy and radiant again.

2. Orange

Whether it’s fresh or whether it’s orange juice. Oranges help in wound healing. make our wounds stick more quickly Because it is rich in vitamin C, which can help the body absorb iron well. help in the formation of red blood cells Make the wound heal faster.

3. Pumpkin

Whether it is steamed pumpkin or extracted into pumpkin juice, it can help heal wounds after surgery as well. Because it is high in vitamin A which can help reduce inflammation Help prevent infection after surgery. It helps to get rid of germs and foreign matter that enters the wound and also helps to make the wound stick faster with it.

4. Centella asiatica

Can be eaten as fresh leaves along with other foods or can be extracted as Centella asiatica juice as well. As we all know, Centella Asiatica helps reduce bruising. Reduce swelling and reduce inflammation can help improve blood flow Reduces the production of bacteria, thereby reducing inflammation. Our wounds are not infected.

5. Carrots

Like all 4 types of food in the past. We eat carrots as a side dish with other foods. Or it can be extracted into carrot juice as well. Because carrots contain many types of B vitamins. Both vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B7 can help reduce inflammation. stimulate skin cells Make the wound heal faster.

In addition to eating foods that help heal wounds Helps reduce swelling and bruising It is important to be careful not to affect the wound and to help the wound heal faster. Strict adherence to the advice of doctors and nurses will help our wounds heal completely and there will be no problems afterwards.

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