Electric welding

electric welding equipment

  1. Welding mask which has a viewport into a special glass blocking light such as Athermal glass or Sinesin, black, sandwiched with normal clear glass to prevent damage from fireballs The mask can be hand held. or can be worn on the head Currently, there are masks that use automatic light adjustment mirrors to help facilitate. Users do not have to be vigilant. Close-open the mask but the price is quite high
  2. Long leather gloves to protect hands and arms
  3. Leather pads protect the chest. apron-like Used to prevent danger from water, iron, fireballs and other hot items. during work
  4. Hammer knocks the slag out of the weld. To clean the weld There is usually one pointed end. the other side is flat like a chisel
  5. Steel wire brush to clean the welds.
  6. Welding wire handle with welding cable
  7. Ground wire with tweezers or clamps to hold the workpiece or steel table

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Prevention of operational hazards

an electric welder must not be careless with electricity Current flow occurs when electrical circuits are welded together. The strength of the electric current flowing through it depends on the resistance of the conductor. If the resistance is low, the current is high, as long as the arc spark is on, the circuit is connected. There will be no danger to the welder. But when the arc spark stops and the welding machine is still working. Even if an AC welding machine has a voltage of about 70 V or a DC welding machine. There will be a voltage of about 100 V (maybe higher). Welding with an AC transformer. The polarity changes all the time. That time was more dangerous than direct current. It can be fatal when it comes in contact with the welding wire. Especially If the body of the contact is wet with sweat or water. and standing on the ground, which is an electrical conductor connected to the grounding terminal of the machine which causes the circuit to be connected together. We should not weigh the danger on low voltage alone. But should be aware of the high current as well. A voltage of only 70 V can be fatal. if the body is wet because it will have low resistance

A simple preventative measure is to find a rubber mat or wooden plank to support it. to disconnect the electrical circuit Operators should regularly wear dry gloves. Because of wet hands It is a better conductor of electricity. Use insulated wires that are not damaged or damaged. Not only with the cable connected from the home power to the machine. But the connection cable must be good as well. and should avoid welding in the rain

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