Coaching Certification Program and Levels

Most kinds of organisations have a policy that requires them to have a mentorship or leadership program that helps employees to stay motivated and to unlock their hidden potentials and abilities. Some individuals such as Managers, Senior Management such as CEO or directors, entrepreneurs and many other such officials may require an individual Coach to help them with career related challenges and difficulties. Whether it is a group or an individual, most organisations with or without their company policy can benefit from coaching sessions. Most coaches are Independent workers with ICF coaching certification that identifies them as a Professional coach and therefore this is the kind of coach that most large organisations are interested in hiring. Therefore, it becomes a very important fact to obtain a coaching certification from a recognised board such as ICF (International Coaching Federation) for most aspiring coaching professionals.

What is Coaching and what do Coaches do?

Coaching is an art of acting as a private mentor or a life coach for a mentee. Most people need some or the other kind of guidance and mentoring so that they can discuss and rely on a mentor for their career goals, professional challenges and other work related issues. Many successful leaders and businessmen are taking up coaching as a profession and as a means to inspire and help young and coming professionals in their area of expertise. Apart from Industry leaders and Subject Matter Experts, Coaching in itself is also a very vibrant profession that helps other people in solving issues and blockades in their career path and help them stay motivated and achieve their goals.

A Life Coach can also help individuals to discuss their finances and life issues that prevent them or influence them in part with their career or professional life. These Life coaches can be a life mentor and offer advice and discuss such problems very similar to therapy and help such individuals to unlock their inner potential by identifying the abilities and hindrances in a person.

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Coaches need to be certified by a recognised board such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This board offers three levels of coaching credentials for aspiring coaches:

  • Associate Certified Coach
  • Professional Certified Coach
  • Master Certified Coach

These are the three levels of Coaching Certified Programs that provide the coaches with highly prestigious certificates for a recognised Coach. To attain a certificate for the coaching program, the coaches must use a coaching log to note all the credentials and deilas of the coaching hours they provide to their mentees. For each level of coaching certification, there are different levels of coaching hours that have to be met on a minimum basis. The coach must also note all the start hours and end hours for each client with all the necessary details of their clients.

This information is audited by the ICF Coaching Board and based on this, the certificate is acquired by the coach. A qualified coach with a valid certificate can either work individually with clients of their own or can be hired as a coach for major Organisations as part of many Companies policies that lets them be trained and mentored by a specific coach for leadership skills and team skills. They help employees identify their unique talents and skill set and stay motivated while on the job.

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