Can gold and silver jewelry be worn together?

There are some debates that are sometimes very graphic: can you wear black and blue? Are leggings reserved for sports or not? And, finally, can we wear gold and silver jewelry together? 

If all assumptions are allowed, it is clear that there is a good way to do it. Here’s how to follow to stay ahead of the curve without ever making a mistake.

As is often the case, the ideas received are based on old conventions of practice that, today, are no longer relevant. A perfect example is black and navy blue, Yves Saint Laurent has shown many times that it was possible to combine these two in style. 

The same goes for the combination of metals: for a long time, it was thought that mixing gold and silver in the same outfit was a lack of beauty.

But today, everything has changed and we happily (but cautiously) mix gold and silver on our hands.

Wearing gold and silver: a powerful combination

We say thanks to Cartier who, in 1924, sent convention flying by presenting, for the first time, a ring that combines several gold rings: the Trinity ring. 

This creation represents a revolution in the small world of wholesale jewelry. If until then, we avoided marrying metal to avoid mistakes of taste, Cartier put the cards on the table and opened a new field of possibilities.

Since then, jewelry houses and other great jewelers have shaken the codes to give the amazing combination, creating trends along the way.

In recent years, socializing has been in fashion. Fashionistas from France and Navarre are happy to combine jewelry, necklaces, and bracelets according to their ideas to create unique combinations that add a finishing touch to their outfits. In their combinations, there is no unity, on the contrary: they enjoy contrasting metals to achieve the most brilliant or subtle harmony. Just a lookup word? Audacity.

The golden rule, of the odd number

Although it is in good taste to post rules and conventions while flying, some can be very useful, especially when entering new areas of practice. So there is a rule that ornaments should always be worn in an odd number, creating a strange asymmetry that prevents you, in passing, from turning into a perfectly symmetrical Christmas tree.

This number is a mysterious rule, which saves you a lot of mistakes, an important guide when it comes to finding new organizations. For example, for jewelry, it is recommended to limit two types of metal and to work in odd amounts: 2 gold jewelry and 3 silver (or the reverse). This simple combination is the guide that adds a real fashion touch to your combination.

This rule also applies to organizations and collecting rings or necklaces. For rings, we will like 1 or 3 jeweled fingers and for necklaces, we will like to marry 3 or 5 to get closer to perfection.

The secret to success is mixing and matching

If it is important to follow your desires, there are still some important points that must be respected to create a metal mixture that works perfectly.

Choose the style of jewelry: to create a cohesive relationship, it is important to choose jewelry more or less in the same style. By creating a point of concordance through structure, mixing things will not cause problems.

Define upstream will be a strong piece: if you want to work in combination in the collection, you can choose to mix a lot of beautiful and soft pieces or choose an emblem jewel, with a strong signature and work in the beauty around it. 

So, an elegant silver ring will go perfectly with light gold earrings (and vice versa). 

Get the right mix: While sometimes it’s tempting to collect as many pieces as possible in different colors and metals, however, it’s important to find the right mix that won’t make you look like a jeweler’s window. However, we will prefer two colors of metal to avoid overloading. As for the number of stones, it can vary depending on your outfit, the level of difficulty, and the information you want to be noticed in your appearance.

How to choose the right gold and silver jewelry?

Everything starts with the choice of jewelry, it seems obvious. A successful organization works only if, from the beginning, you pay close attention to the jewelry you buy. 

Good quality jewelry is obviously preferred. Be careful with the jewelry of the clothes: the collection of unnecessary pieces or the risk of finishing will change the result of your dress. Well-designed or well-finished pieces avoid this pitfall and help you create a cohesive look.

Create a Cornelian selection method: which stones do we mix without worry?

Unless you have chosen to display a piece with a strong stylistic signature, the style will require that your choice be thin and soft pieces, with thin smoothness, attractive appeal, and unusual.

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