Bath oil for women with dry skin

In the winter We will begin to feel that the skin is starting to dry. Although in our country it is not cold for a long time and it is not so cold that it snows. But this weather can make us dry as well. Taking care of dry skin, in addition to applying skin creams. Apply a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. Another method is to use a bath oil or shower oil, sure enough.

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Because bath oils help retain moisture in the skin. which makes our skin not dry Including in the shower oil, there are substances that nourish and nourish the skin, suitable for girls with especially dry skin. But what are the shower oils that help to add moisture to our skin? Follow us to see.

1. PANPURI – Solitude Soothing Milk Bath & Body Massage Oil

PANPURI bath oil contains Monoi de Tahiti oil, aloe vera extract and lemongrass oil. Comes with a fragrance that helps us relax. The oil will turn into milk when we take a shower. which in addition to being able to use a normal bath It can also be used for body massage.

2. L’Occitane – Almond Shower Oil

L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil is the main ingredient of almond oil. When taking a shower, it becomes a soft milky cream. It removes impurities from the skin deeply and gently. Smooth skin soft and moist Comes with a light fragrance of almonds and vanilla So every time we take a shower, it’s like going to a spa.

3. DIPTYQUE – Do Son Shower Oil

Do Son Shower Oil Shower oil from Diptyque is hypoallergenic. Both sulfates and parabens Emphasize natural ingredients that help nourish our skin to be soft, not dry. Scented with tuberose flowers and berries. Every time we take a shower we feel refreshed and relaxed.

4. EUCERIN – PH5 Shower Oil

With key ingredients like pH5 Enzyme Protection, it helps build a protective barrier on the skin and also helps to coat the skin. Stay hydrated Does not dry out the skin Suitable for dry skin girls, including those who regularly live in cold weather like in an air-conditioned room.

5. The history of Whoo – Whoo Spa Oil Shower

Shower cream that comes in the form of oil. Contains specially selected natural herbal ingredients like pearls That helps retain moisture in the skin, making it soft, smooth and glowing. It also helps to tighten the skin as well. It has a light fragrance from nature that makes us feel relaxed like a spa treatment.

In addition to recommended bath oils for dry skinned women. And it will be recommended for women who want to help whiten shower cream.

OLAY Body Science Brightening Creme Body Wash

White shower cream with ingredients from vitamin B3 and vitamin C that helps nourish the skin especially. Makes the skin look clearer in 28 days and also contains niacinamide that helps the skin’s moisture. Makes the skin retain moisture after bathing. Helps cleanse the skin thoroughly. It also has the fragrance of Honey Dew Lemon, Apple Blossom and Green Bamboo to help the fragrance linger on the skin. Makes you feel refreshed after taking a shower as well.

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