Accra – The Business Center Point of Ghana

In 1957, the first post-independence Prime Minister of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah, created a town plan for Accra, making it the business and educational centre of the country. His vision included a new CBD, a modern, central library, and new roads and bridges that would serve the growing population. In addition, the city was renamed the Capital District and had many upscale residential buildings built.

Accra is also the business and financial center of Ghana. According to the World Bank, the Accra Metropolitan Area accounts for about US$3 billion in GDP. The city is home to more than 823,327 economically active individuals. The capital city also serves as the commercial and transportation hub for several countries throughout West Africa. However, the city’s population is only a fraction of its total.

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Accra is a major business and financial center. There are more than fifty thousand people who live in Accra. There are many businesses and industries that have flourished here. The city has a thriving business environment, and a vibrant, thriving economy. The city has an international airport that is served by international airlines. Furthermore, Accra is home to several educational institutions, including a renowned private college.

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