A Short Guide on Making High Heels Comfortable for Beginners

From red-bottoms to towering platform shoes, high heels are the go-to choice of shoes to complete the outfit. The only issue – they’re extremely uncomfortable.

If you’re new to heels, then you might just swear off them completely if you buy women’s heels that aren’t comfortable. Yes, there are ways to make heels comfortable; they aren’t just pointy death traps.

As a novice, it can be hard to figure out the right high heel, which is why this guide is perfect for you.

When Do High Heels Become Uncomfortable?

Before you can figure out how to make your heels more comfortable, it is necessary to figure out what is making them painful. When you know what the problem is, you can start fixing it!

So, here is a list of possible issues that could be making your heels more painful than they are.

  • They’re the wrong size.
  • They’re stiff and haven’t been broken in right.
  • It’s made from a synthetic material like plastic.
  • They aren’t supporting the arches and balls of your feet.
  • They don’t offer any postural support like a strap.
  • The heel is too thin.
  • They’re making your feet sweat.
  • They’re too narrow or wide for your feet.
  • They aren’t shock-absorbing.
  • They’re too tall for you.
  • You’ve been wearing them for too long.

How Do You Make Heels More Comfortable?

So, you’ve narrowed down the issue, but you don’t have any solutions. After all, heels are meant to be uncomfortable, right? Well, with a few changes, you can make them tolerable and pull your outfit together!

Skip the Points

If you’re new to heels, then here’s the biggest tip – skip the pointed heels.

It’s incredible to imagine yourself parading around in a pair of fabulous stilettos with their pointed toes, but they are an uncomfortable shoe to start with.

They will cause more pain than the usual open-toe heels, and limping in pain isn’t anybody’s definition of a fun time.

Choose a Thicker Heel

Models, dancers, actors are usually wearing ultra-thin, tall heels. While they look incredible, they’re not easy to walk in and are very uncomfortable.

Since the heel is so thin, the surface area for the balls of your feet is a lot smaller. There’s a lot more pressure, and it’s sure to hurt you.

Instead, opt for a wider heel or even wedges!

Inserts and Pads

There’s no harm in using an insert or a pad to cushion the pain.

Many heels don’t have the correct amount of padding and cushioning to soften the shock caused by each step, so there’s a lot more pain involved.

With inserts and pads (usually silicone), you can increase shock absorption and adjust the size if needed. The inserts also prevent blisters and sores from friction.

Wear Them In

When you buy women’s heels, they come extremely stiff. They’re not used to your foot shape and are bound to be incredibly uncomfortable.

A quick solution – wear them in.

For leather heels that you should ideally purchase, you can warm them up with a hairdryer and put them on. You don’t have to walk around; just have them on so that they can mould to the shape of your feet.

It prevents blistering and unneeded chafing.


Heels form staples in every woman’s closet. They offer the perfect way to dress up an outfit and look taller at the same time. But, if you’re not used to them – they’re a pain.

Veteran heel wearers all have their tricks to wearing heels and staying comfortable, so until you find the tricks for you, you can take some from this list!

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