A 10-Step Guide to Launching a Car Marketing Campaign with Custom Car Stickers

Want an out-of-the-box yet effective tactic for marketing your business? Custom-printed car stickers might just be the promotional tools for you. Car stickers with eye-catching graphics never fail to attract the attention of the pedestrians/drivers on the street. Custom-print your brand’s name on these stickers and you can easily spread the word about your brand.

Due to the pandemic, the number of miles traveled by vehicles on all US roads decreased by 13% in 2020. Thankfully, this trend is reversing. From 2.8 trillion miles in 2020 to 3.3 trillion miles in 2021 – the improvement is significant. In 2022, hundreds of millions of people will be driving their vehicles on US roads.

You can easily launch a car marketing campaign using high-quality custom car stickers. Here’s a 10-step guide to launching such car marketing campaigns –

1. Find Reliable Sellers

First things first – find reliable car sticker sellers. Look for sticker selling companies that have experience in helping business owners launch car marketing campaigns. Also, look for 100% customization control. Your sticker sellers should allow you to custom-print all types of HD graphics, images, fonts, etc., on your custom stickers.

2. Only Buy Weather-Resistant Stickers

Your car stickers will experience harsh weather conditions as you drive your car from one location to another. Buy car stickers that come with protective coatings. These types of stickers can withstand harsh weather elements.

3. Finalize Your Design

Found the right sticker sellers? Now it’s time to upload your custom sticker design on the seller’s website. Create sticker designs that feature your company’s logo and brand colors. Also, add slogans or call-to-action statements that reflect your brand. Keep your stickers’ designs simple, easily visible, and easy to understand.

4. Choose the Sticker Placement Spots

Finalize your stickers’ designs. Then finalize your order. Now, it’s time to decide where you want the stickers to be installed. Assess your car for free advertising spaces. Custom car stickers can fit on windshields, bumpers, the sides of the car, or the back. Pick regions that are the most visible.

5. Prepare the Car’s Surface

Give your company cars rigorous washes. Wax the spots where you want to apply the stickers. Make sure these spots are dry and dirt-free when you’re attaching the stickers.

6. Apply the Stickers

Follow your sticker seller’s instructions when applying your car stickers. Ensure they adhere properly.

7. Share the Stickers

Share images of your new sticker-covered car on social media. Such pictures should generate buzz and get more target customers interested in your marketing campaign and your brand.

8. Give Away Free Stickers

Car stickers made of durable materials like vinyl are awfully cheap. By ordering a bunch of these stickers, you can even get discounts. Use some of the stickers (that you don’t apply on your cars) as free promotional gifts for customers.

9. Drive Around

Take your sticker-covered car to crowded locations. Target locations, neighborhoods, and communities where you’re likely to find your target demographics.

10. Enjoy Brand Growth

Once you start driving your sticker-covered cars in crowded locations, your brand will get amazing exposure. Expect thousands of new people to learn about your brand every day!

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