8 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

Oftentimes, you might catch yourself looking at the mirror, wondering if your teeth’s color is normal, or what would you look like if you have a whiter and brighter smile. And before you notice, you are already navigating your phone or any device to search for “ dentist near me ”, or some guides and tips to achieve the smile you want.

If you tried these, you’re not alone! Dental clinics usually claim that 90% of their patients are interested in tooth whitening. There are a lot of options to explore on the internet for whitening your teeth. However, be extra cautious as some advice may do more harm than good. There are these “home remedies” or readily available kits, which will lure you to less expensive options. If you’re looking for the safest and most sure tips to whiten your smile, keep scrolling at the end of this article!

Here are 8 Helpful Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

1. Consistent Proper Oral Hygiene is Key

Brushing is the most inexpensive and simplest way to whiten and maintain the color of your teeth. Dentists from your “ dentist near me “ options will probably recommend that you should brush your teeth at least twice daily.

Choosing your toothbrush and toothpaste is also essential to the process. Using a soft bristled toothbrush and gentle toothpaste is a great way to not damage your teeth when removing dirt.  Regular brushing effectively prevents yellowing of teeth or prolonged stain marks, specifically at the gum area. You may also consider using floss since brushing alone is not enough.

2. Limit Stain-Causing Food Intake

You probably heard of the famous line “you are what you eat”. Well, this is also applicable to the color of your teeth. Your teeth’s color usually depends and is greatly affected by your food intake, oftentimes in a negative way. Most of these products are overlooked and aren’t known to cause stains to your precious smile.

Here’s a simple trick you can use to determine whether your food is a friend or an enemy to your teeth — always weigh if the product would stain a white cotton T-shirt, if yes, then it would probably stain your teeth also. Products like cranberries, dark drinks, are mostly the offenders.

3. Think Before You Drink

Yes, we understand that your favorite drinks come in vivid colors that make the pleasure of consuming them more enjoyable. But what if we told you to those vividly colored cranberries and grape juice, and a toss of red wine will stain your teeth? Yes, they do. However, don’t be saddened, you can still enjoy these as long as you rinse or drink water immediately.

4.  Include Certain Foods and Beverages Into Your Diet

While there are no rigorous studies to establish how effective various products and drinks are in teeth whitening, there’s a possibility that these can aid and effect to some extent. Some fruits and vegetables, such as strawberries and watermelon  contain malic acid, which may aid in tooth whitening.

5.  Quit Smoking

One of the many reasons to quit smoking is to avoid stains in teeth. You’ve definitely heard a lot about the hazards and benefits of smoking, and you should add your dental health risk to the list. Smoking has a direct effect on your gums and teeth, which may lead to decay, and tooth discoloration, as the least. Try to talk and extensively discuss the risk once you visit your chosen professional in your “ dentist near me ” list.

6.  Only Trust Dental Care Professionals

If you wish to restore or improve your yellow teeth into naturally beautiful whites, you may have them whitened by trained professionals from your ” dentist near me ” options. While over-the-counter whiteners may have some effect on the color of your teeth, it is usually not enough to justify the cost and danger. It might do more harm than your goal to whiten your teeth. Only trust your dentist in prescribing you effective and specific treatments.

7. Ask Your Dentist A Custom-Fitted Whitening Tray

Custom-fitted teeth whitening trays are available upon request to your dentist. Since your dentist knows your dental health history, this whitening tray’s approach to your case contains greater concentrations of hydrogen peroxide than whitening toothpastes and non-custom (over-the-counter) trays, fitted to your needs.

These trays are far better than non-custom trays, as they are more efficient in whitening your teeth while minimizing the quantity of peroxide that comes into contact with your gums. Usually, the process will cost you two visits to your dentist. You will most likely undergo two stages. The first will require your dentist to design your trays using a 3D image of your teeth, and  the second is to confirm that your trays fit you perfectly.

8. Visit Your Top Pick on Your “Dentist Near Me” List

As you weigh options on your list and choose your next dentist, do not forget to be consistent on your checkups and appointments. While everyday brushing and flossing may help whiten your teeth, don’t forget to schedule regular cleanings with your dentist. A dental cleaning is more comprehensive than at-home brushing and eliminates plaque that brushing alone cannot.

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